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M.Akif Çakmak - Aynet

M.Akif Çakmak
Aynet / Chairman

     These days, with the acceleration in the development of new technologies, business models across industries are also changing rapidly. The importation of newly developed technologies and so called "Visualization" enables us to understand more details of facts. Moreover, the accumulation of various data, together with improved analytics, makes visible clear correlations which were not previously recognized.

     Our company, Aynet Solutions Ltd. (Aynet), consists of specialists who have mathematical and software engineer science background. From when we started as a financial engineering company, by keeping up with technological development we have been absorbing up–to–date knowledge and developing new approaches such as big data analytics, machine learning, AI, etc. We are expanding our business field from modeling financial products and developing risk management methodologies to forecasting key business factors, providing business solutions, and developing asset management technologies.

Our company’s position is to aim for "Providing customers with analytics and models directly contributing to their business judgment". In order to reach that position, we need to utilize not only financial engineering and statistics, but also cutting edge analytics and techniques, as well as choose appropriate methods to reach the best solutions. We have advanced and knowledgeable professionals capable achieving it.

     The reality that robots and AIs will replace the work and judgment of human beings has already begun. Today is a transition period which we are proceeding to Robotics and AI. The importance of data analysis, prediction, and model building abilities will increase more and more in the future. As a specialist group focusing on real business needs, Aynet will continue to contribute to the development of businesses that change every day.

We provide verification that your decentralized system works as intended.

We provide software solutions that address the entire lifecycle of a project: before, during, and after deployment.

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