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Bank and Financial System Video Monitoring Software

"Super Sight" VNMP, which mainly applies to all kinds of large-scale complex networked monitoring projects, can control very numerous and disorderly systems and equipments simply and efficiently, grasp all kinds of emergencies and warning messages effectively, as well as dispatch and integrate all resources intuitively and rapidly, in order to realize the powerfully comprehensive command and management function, which is required by many applications like real-time video networked monitoring, warning plan processing, emergency command and so on.
Application Situation
"Super Sight" VNMP applies to large or outsize, multi-levelled, cross-system, video network monitoring projects, such as Green City project, bank and financial system, electric system, petrifaction industry, computer room, prison system, transportation system, campus and cybercafe.
Main Value
Resolve centralized management difficulties like wide monitoring scope, a great variety of equipments, numerous equipments and monitoring terminals which occur in provincial, municipal and large-scale networking monitoring projects.
Resolve user management difficulty and massive information handling difficulty.
Resolve various expansion demands in using process.

Software Property
Central monitoring and management platform for ISP level or distributed, multi-levelled systems.

Main Functions
Multi-levelled, multisystem general management, real-time video monitoring, integrated authentication, user rights management, online device configuration, digital matrix, analog matrix management, large-screen TV Wall control, remote device control, remotely arming and disarming security system,

centralized storage, video playback, PTZ control, customizable and flexible plans for alarm, monitoring equipment control, electronic

map, equipment management, TV Wall output, WEB access, operation log, alarm host management,

analog acquisition device management, keyboard control, door access control host management,

LED screen management, mobile phone monitoring, PC-DVR module, intelligent video analyzing and so on.






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