Augmented Creativity on Aynet

By building a plan of content to create, you're simplifying creativity and building a bridge to a future where you have better outcomes.

Creative play allows children to engage their imagination as they explore and interact with the world around them. This process of active discovery contributes to a rich and memorable childhood and provides a foundation for creative problem-solving skills that are crucial throughout an individual’s life. Physical interaction with one’s surroundings is a critical component of the experiential learning that lies at the heart of creative play. However, as prepackaged content and digital devices become more and more popular and ubiquitous, children spend an increasing amount of time passively consuming content or absorbed in the digital world. Augmented reality holds unique potential to impact this situation by providing a bridge between real-world activities and digital enhancements. We refer to this concept of enhancing real-world interaction, discovery, exploration, and imagination through augmented reality as Augmented Creativity. Our research demonstrates that Augmented Creativity can enhance real-world creative engagement, support education, and open new interaction possibilities.

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