Practice trading strategies and pick the right algorithmic trading software


Machine Learning

Aybot uses advanced Machine Learning technology in order to find the best trading strategy for each currency by analyzing it's history.

Millions of Patterns

Aybot can detect millions of trading patterns with Machine Learning in order to find the best strategy with more wins and less loses.

E-Mail Notifications

It will keep you notified of buy and sell orders with Desktop popups and E-Mail notifications. It even notifies if there is an IP address change on your internet connection.

Connection fail-safe

Aybot continues to work even after a connection interruption or IP address change, it self monitors the bot engine and order processor and restarts them.

Smart Order Processor

The order processor is processing the orders in queue and always move the orders on top of buy or sell order books in order to get the best price.

Trading Simulator

Simulate trading without any risk and no real investments in order to see how the bot works. Switch between simulator and live trading at any time.

Advanced Risk Management

Automatic Reinvest of profits for exponential gains and reinvest less when a loss occurs. Also when there are no funds for an investement it just simulates the investment.

Unlimited Markets

Monitor and Trade automatically on multiple markets at the same time, with all instrument

Detailed Logs

Full detailed text logs of all operations of the robot which are saved in separate files every day.

Data Encryption

For protection Aybot encrypts all the important settings like API keys and email password with advanced encryption.

Fully Automated

Aybot can work fully automated without user intervention, it learns all the settings and trades automatically.

Detailed Stats

Detailed statistics are displayed while Aybot is running, like total available amount, actual profits and loss for each bot.

Adaptive Trading

Aybot can adapt to market movements from small trades to bigger trades, just like a human.

Trailing Stop Loss

Custom Trailing Stop Loss for each trading pair provides an additional protection for your funds.

Take Profit

Custom Take Profit for each trading pair can help with smaller trades when the market is slow.

Stop Limit

Custom Stop Limit for each trading pair is an additional protection for your funds.


Aybot is a standalone software application which will run on your computer or VPS, you have total control.

Easy to Use

Forget about complicated settings which will never work! Aybot will learn itself the best settings.

Macro Trading

Aybot is not a micro-trading robot! It can catch from small to big moves and can handle big orders without problems.


From a trusted company with over 20 years of software development.

Regulation Compliant

Aybot uses legal strategies and is a non-manipulative robot which can pass any regulation.

High Performance

Multi-core high performance optimized machine learning.

Manipulation Protection

Aybot cannot be manipulated to buy or sell by market maker, HFT or manipulation bots.

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